Tuesday, October 17, 2017

d8 Obscure Rituals

1. The blood of a wyvern is boiled with fallen leaves in a large pot.
2. To receive the blessing from a god, one must sacrifice an ear, so as to have the Gods listen. 
3. The left arm is sewed to the torso for a week. 
4. The name of the enemy that needs to be vanquished is tattooed on a piece of dried skin.
5. Giant leaves are smoked from a huge stone pipe. 
6. Dragon egg (s) are smothered and boiled in gold or silver. 
7. The wings of a giant bird are sewn to the back of a parishioner, they are then tossed off a cliff. 
8. The teeth of enemies are collected, and then planted in the ground. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Old school awesome - Oct 13 Edition

I decided to wander over to RPGNOW today to see what was new in the OSR section.  Obviously there's a bit more coverage over there, than drivethru some days. Here's the run down.

Slashers & Victims Light - Based on Swords & Wizardy Light, it's all about the slasher movies.  Perfect for the upcoming ghastly holiday on the 31st.  FREE

Whitebox Black Ops:  Supplment for Military gaming (S&W whitebox) $2.48 CAD

Goldensword Players Handbook:  looks like rules light fantasy gaming. $2.48 CAD

Goldensword Character sheet:  Free

Goldensword GMs Guide:  PWYW

What the smithy has to offer:  A list of random weapons and armour for LOTFP.  PWYW

Blood Dark Thirst:  Venger is back! This time with a horror game.  $4.99 CAD

Umerican Survival Guide:  Post apoc survival guide/source book for DCC.(2 different covers $16.19 CAD

The RPG pundit has put out a zine!  There are 2 issues.  Issue 1, Issue 2.  Appears to be a weekly thing. $3.73 CAD

Mythos Adventure Bundle:  2 Castles & Crusades adventures for $9.96 CAD

Village Backdrop: Farrav'n (SNE) system neutral village backdrop.  $4.30 CAD

Shadow Under Devils Reef:  Halloween themed adventure for DCC. $8.71 CAD

Cesspool of Redrook:  Adventures in Filbar adventure (Lab Lord)  $3.74 CAD

Advanced Adventures:  Under Ruined Onm:  Adventure for OSRIC.  $8.73 CAD

Nordic Weasel games has a few new character classes for Lab Lord, they are all priced at a $1.23 CAD.  (also excellent name for a gaming company!)  Investigator, Tinkerer , Yeoman

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dice Roll Zine #1 - Overview

If you haven't heard, there's a cool new old school zine on obs! It's called "Dice Roll Zine".  Steve C sent me a copy of Dice Roll Zine #1 thru drivethru last week (THANK YOU!).   I'm finally sitting at my desk getting a chance to read thru it this morning.  There's lots of great stuff.  Here's the description:

 Get your old-school gaming fix on! Dice Roll Zine is a 36-page, booklet-sized zine for OSR RPGs written by Steven A. Cook and illustrated by some of the best OSR-influenced artists around.

The premiere issue includes a barbarian class for B/X games, a saving throw-based method for turning undead in B/X games, a trippy sci-fantasy adventure location called The Purple Mushroom Inn, a chaos mutation die drop table, a collection of random 'dungeon stuff' tables, and other optional rules for old-school games.

Files Included: Lots of files in the download. Along with the PDF you multiple cover options and all of the map files (.png format) for the issue: The Purple Mushroom Inn (2 maps), Peshar's Bandit Lair (1 map), and the first-level of the (unkeyed) megadungeon Treasure Vaults of Nargu Qa'Dash (4 maps).

The mag is $3.76 CAD and well worth it! 

First off it has a B/X Old school flavour to it.  There's a LOT of great art within.  I am in love with the cover (honestly a toadstool inn! way to hit right close to home on that one boys!). 

Here's what you get: 

How to resolve anything that comes up:  An article on ability scores with a awesome table. 

The Barbarian: An optional B/X Class

Optional Combat rules for heroes

Turning Undead:  A different way of dealing with creepy undead that should have stayed dead (b/x). 

The Purple Mushroom Inn:  A sci fantasy adventures site for low mid level characters.  (Damn this is awesome!).  Complete with rumor & adventure table, menu, NPC staff, detailed personalities, and wonderful tavern map (and underground lair). 

Random Chaos Mutant Die Drop Table:  Great table with a pile of weirdness.

Random Dungeon Stuff:  A bunch of excellent tables for dungeon crawling. 

Mega Dungeon Maps:  The Treasure Vaults of Nargu Qa'Dash.  There are 4 extremely detailed dungeon maps (all hand drawn), combined with the random dungeon stuff tables, and a few wandering monster tables, you basically have a game ready to go.  (of course a bit of inspiration). 

Oh look here's some inspiration 

Reasons for entering the dungeon

1.  To return a ring to a lost love.  (Long ago a dark elf maiden fell in love with a traveler, it was his dying wish to have her ring returned). 

2. Hunting expedition.  The coats of the shaggy beetle are extremely sought after, and worth quite a lot of gold. 

3.  Recently a Gnomish Caravan came to the surface with trade goods.  Turns out that the good they sold are all defective.  They need to be returned and the gold paid retrieved. 

4.  A local scholar will pay for detailed maps of the dungeon.

5.  The source of the death shadow plague points towards the depths.  

6.  In the darkness there are rumblings, causing structures on terra firma to fall down and crumble. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What am I working on?

Well what I'm currently trying to do is write one room a day for the adventure I started a few weeks ago.  So far I've not been doing too bad, and sticking with it! I've got two maps complete, one that is just penciled and one I need to draw.

We had a bit of re-jiggering with our fifth edition group, so it sounds like we won't be finishing "strahd" right away, but possibly moving on to Tomb of Annihilation.  (i'd really really like to finish an adventure!)

Count of the adventures not finished:
*starter set
*out of the abyss
*curse of strahd.

Anyways I've been working on character ideas.  I took a look at the wotc site, and some of the pregens I don't mind, but there is a bit of tweaking I'd like to do.  So alas I am starting from scratch.  At this point I don't have any inkling as to what the other players like to play (other than one guy who likes being an MU).  I intend to create 4 classic characters. The human fighter, the elf wizard, the halfling thief and the dwarven cleric. 

I have no idea what level we are starting at, and my knowledge of "chult" is limited to the forgotten realms wiki.  I'm partial to being the meat, swinging the biggest weapon i can find.  (my translucent d12 rolls high!).  I am considering buying some new dice for the campaign though.  Depending on if I get some time to hit the FLGS.

We are currently working on scheduling. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

New old school stuff - Sept 29th Edition

Sorry for the lack of regular blogging latetly, I'm in deep writing mode at this point.  What I decided was to not write the premise first for the dungeon I'm working on.  Instead I'm letting the rooms decide the outcome.  (I have no idea if that makes sense).  It's sort of like writing a song and starting with the title.  You end up pigeon holing yourself. 

Anyways, here's the NEW stuff.  Obviously there's some affiliate links in there. 

Baby Zac's Bundle:  A whole bunch of awesome proceeds got to help out Zac.  My son Zac was born a day before we were scheduled to induce, at less than 4 pounds. He had several unforeseen complications and spent a week in the NICU before he was big enough for us to take home. The doctor said that if he had been born a day later he probably wouldn't have made it at all. He is a very happy and healthy baby now, but unexpected complications mean extra bills.  $28.22 CAD

Found Folio V1:  Monster manual with 130 monsters.  (for Version 3 and 3.75 of the world's most popular roleplaying game). PWYW

The Anti Paladin:  Character class for OSRIC.  $12.44 CAD

Dance of the medusa:  OSRIIC Adventure 4th to 7th lvl.  $4.53 CAD

d20 Simple FREE:  OSR style game using d20s.  Looks fun.  PWYW

Men and Monsters Book 1: The Unseen:  Introduce the paranormal to your WW2 Gaming. $1.24 CAD

Dice Roll Zine#1:  36 page booklet size zine covering OSR awesome. $3.73 CAD

Art of the Ice Kingdoms:  Art of the Ice Kingdoms? no description.  $12.44 CAD

Cool words for gamers:  A book for gamers interested in bizarre words.  $4.29 CAD

Nothing to see here:  System Neutral adventure:  $4.98 CAD

Heroes & Monsters:  Rules lite system powered by the Black Hack $2.36 CAD

Character sheet for H&M FREE

Lair of the Goblin King Grasnhak-Kul:  (I love excellent bad guy names!) Solo adventure for S&W $1.87 CAD

Crypt of Mandazed:  Solo adventure for S&W.  $1.87 CAD

Cavalier Attitude:  OSR Zine PWYW

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My first time

Had a good discussion with Ivan last night about fighting fantasy.  I started thinking about the first time I ever ran a game.  I remember playing 1st ed D&D with my cousin, and around the same time his brother was getting into AFF.  At the same time all of my friends where buying the green spined Fighting fantasy books.  I'm guessing at some point (birthday maybe?) I got a copy of dungeoneer and digested the whole thing over the course of a few days.  Obviously I had my 2 cousins as my first Dungeon Masters at this point.

Fast forward a month or so and it was my friend Ken's birthday.  We were all enthused about FF books, and were playing herosquest regularly.  So for Ken's birthday we decided to try out Dungeoneer.  I remember it being a good 6 hours of play, maybe more.  I was bagged by the end, but gawd it was fun!  We were at that age, where we would stay up all weekend playing Sega and Nintendo trying to beat games.  Drinking copious amounts of pop at the time.

The adventure in dungeoneer was a bit railroadey (but great for a novice DM... or referee).  Afterwards we got the group together and ran the adventure in blacksand, and then a bunch of extra adventures I wrote.  (after I got out of the pit).

If I remember correctly I think I had like 8 - 10 players that first game.  Which was way more than enough!  The only character I can remember specifically was my friend Ryan's thief, who had scares on his face, a pile of tattoos (blacksand had its fair share of tattoo parlours, and the boys had far too much gold I gave them).  As well his character walked around with a large sack with the ears of monsters he had defeated.

So as far as roots go, I think I'm squarely in the fighting fantasy area.  I still drool over some of the fantastic artwork that was in those books.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A new community to discuss old games!

A new community to discuss old games! Please check it out if your into old games. This community is not about dnd, but all the other cool games we used to play. So if you are into rune quest, war gaming, traveller, hey even tmnt! Come chat with us.

Link: https://plus.google.com/communities/116265361877505441228

About the community:

A Community for discussing old school table top gaming, particularly role playing games and miniatures games from the 70's and early 80's.

This is NOT an OSR/D&D community. 
Reason being that the OSR has a fantastically useful (and busy) google community already. 

The impetus for this community is that discussion of other "old school" games tends to get crowded out by the OSR. 
This is a place to discuss Traveller, Runequest, Rolemaster, Warhammer FRP, Laserburn, Starguard and many more. 

What kind of games are covered?
Principally role playing games and miniatures games.
Board games ala Squad Leader tend to already have their own communities.

What is "old school" ? 
Depends on your criteria but generally, a reasonable cut-off is about the late 80's with the release of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play and Warhammer 40.000 Rogue Trader.
It's really more about attitude than age: Open-ended games that emphasize creativity over adherence to purity. 

Any other rules?
D&D kindly belongs elsewhere.
Leave your politics at the door. 
Be pleasant.